Lux Furnishings offers Omni Entertainment Collection

Phoenix, AZ — February 17, 2010 — Today marks the launch of a new designer brand of home theater furniture, Omni+, a fusion of functionality, smart design and high style. This hip and distinct collection targets fashion-minded consumers with a unique line that is truly made for all spaces. In a wide variety of shapes and finishes, Omni+ furniture brings a sleek and contemporary style to any home décor — hitting the market with seven inspirational pieces from a band of designers.

Most notably, Karim Rashid, a world-renowned industrial and interior designer, created Orbit, Prism and Vail, as fashion-forward centerpieces of the line. Geometrically motivated, Rashid’s designs are high gloss works of art. Edge, Link, Shadow and Vent, co-designed by Zach Eyman and Mike Murphy, ground the offering with statement pieces made of natural woods. These pieces are a balanced blend of style and function – assuring their practicality in any home, with just enough design flair to garner attention. Features including modularity, cable management and hidden casters establish Omni+ as a brand that combines chic design with functionality and purpose.

"What we’ve done with Omni+ is create home theater furniture with high-style and functionality equally in mind, essentially redefining the category," says Zach Eyman, the chief designer of Omni+. "We're proud to bring fashionable furniture with critical home theater accents mainstream with this new brand." Omni+ furniture will be offered in boutique furniture shops across the nation. In addition, a full-featured e-commerce website allows consumers to view detailed product information and stunning images, purchase online and ship anywhere in the United States.

Omni+ is proudly brought to market, by OmniMount, a leading manufacturer of consumer and commercial A/V mounting and furniture solutions for more than three decades. While this hip and distinct collection targets a completely different consumer for the award-winning manufacturer, the company is delighted about its expansion into the boutique furniture market.

About Omni+ With a fresh approach to design, Omni+ brings purpose to your home theater furniture. This hip and distinct collection is truly made for all spaces. Our mission is to make sure our pieces have the perfect blend of beauty plus brains — making them just as hardworking as they are high-styled. Our designs aren’t created in a vacuum, but instead are collaborations with renowned designers and are inspired by the elements of the world. For a closer look, visit

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