Delivery / Shipping

"Good judgment comes from experience; and experience, well, that comes from bad judgment." ~Anonymous

It may sound as if we are trying to discourage you from buying your furniture from online retailers.  We are not.  We just know from twenty-two years of experience, customer’s expectations are rarely met with “free shipping.”

In an effort to simplify the logistics of you getting the furniture you have purchased from Contempo Concepts in a damage-free condition, we have adopted a simplified process by eliminating “free shipping” with the added value of “good old fashioned personalized delivery”. Contempo has been in the furniture business for over twenty-sixyears, and we were at the forefront of e-commerce with our first web site originating back in the late 1990’s.  We have with little success been able to ship by common carrier, FedEx or UPS, and get the desired results. Our customers’ furniture almost never arrives in acceptable condition. Claims against these carriers are lengthy and normally go unsettled.  Our customers expect their purchases to be delivered in acceptable condition and placed in their home without a fuss. Most of the time “free shipping” is never as free as it seems.  The customer unloads the truck, argues with the truck driver whether the lift gate charge is covered, and if the customer is not there who knows where the furniture will go. Will it be in street, your driveway, or your doorstep? Then how do you dispose of these cartons and packing supplies?  Are you allowed to inspect the furniture for concealed damage and missing parts, and if it is damage, is it your responsibility to then repackage and return the item at your expense? Most online merchants ship your furniture to you unassembled in a carton and it is your responsibility to inspect and assemble the purchase yourself (that is if all the necessary parts are included).

We offer delivery services to within 100 miles from our showroom which includes locations in North Carolina, Virginia, and South Carolina. This allows us to use our own trucks to control the quality of your furniture experience. The delivery charges include the assembling, deluxing, and desired placement of your furniture in your home. These charges are not designed to be another “added on profit center” that most stores use to increase their bottom line; instead, it is to help offset the extra expense we incur to deliver your furniture ourselves. Delivery rates are calculated at checkout based on distance from our store. When you add our delivery services we are enhancing your shopping experience.


For customers outside our delivery areas, other shipping options can be arranged, but please contact us to make arrangements prior to placing your order.