Premium Mattresses with Quantum Edge Technology

Each premium mattress incorporates Quantum Edge Coil technology which creates a reinforced perimeter, made up of narrow-diameter Quantum® coils, that frames the sides, delivers a consistent sleep surface, and reduces that roll-off feeling. Our premium mattresses with Quantum Edge Technology are ideal for traditional and adjustable beds.

Our premium mattresses are available in all sizes and are manufactured by Winndom. Each mattress features pre-compressed, individually wrapped coils that create a firm surface that makes the unit more responsive to body movements. Stress-relieved wire in mattress coils holds its shape and provides a durable, consistent sleep surface.

Collection: Premium Mattresses

All of our premium mattresses are packable and shippable and can be compressed, folded, and rolled. In addition to store pickup or local delivery, these mattresses are are available to be shipped within the continental US. Select the mattress shipping option at checkout.

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