2012 Pantone Palettes

2012 Pantone palettes feature something for every taste

The inspirations behind Pantone's color-trend forecast for spring/summer 2012 home interiors run the gamut from nature to anime, comic books to twilit skies and jewel-toned gemstones to citrusy popsicles. The palettes could not be more different, offering a little something for everyone. Here, we break down five of the nine forecasted color trends.





Neutral taupe, gray and off-white serve as the foundation for this casual palette that's offset with a misty gray-blue and a trio of pink, periwinkle and grape hues reminiscent of lush hydrangeas fresh-cut from the garden. It's all about keeping it simple, carefree and tranquil.

The cosmic nature of Indigo is inspired by the transition from day to evening, when the sky turns a hazy shade of purple, blue and pink. Aurora borealis-like hues such as Celestial, Royal Blue, Maroon and Woodrose are settling accents and perfect foils for the intense blues (Indigo and Blue Indigo) that firmly anchor this rich, mysterious and otherworldly palette.

Back to the Fuchsia
Back to the Fuchsia is most definitely not for the shy. The lively palette dances a jig of near-eye-scorching brights best reserved for fiestas, flashing neon signs and saris. The reds provoke, the pinks pop, peridot green energizes and the purples are hot, hot, hot. Attention-getters will love this palette, which can turn ho-hum décor into something a little more exotic and exciting.

Chrome is king and metallic finishes and glossy surfaces once again reign supreme in this palette. Think Jetson-ish kitchen appliances finished in a riveting Garnet, modern Blue Moon or deep Turkish Sea Blue. Traverse the universe with hard-shell luggage enrobed in a sparkling Pale Gold or polished-black Beluga. A touch of shimmery-white Cloud Dancer brings an understated elegance to all the silver and chrome.

The Comics
It's "FLASH!" "BAM!" "POW!" in the interior design world. Inspired by Japanese animé, the pop art of Warhol and digital animation, the Comics palette offers up a modern take on traditional primary colors. Strong Blue, Fiery Red and Primrose Yellow share cyber space with Green Flash, Cyan Blue, Sulphur Spring and Red Orange. This year's "it" color, Honeysuckle, also is thrown into the mix, which is grounded by Phantom black. Nothing goes with the other; it's a dizzying mash-up of clashing colors meant for nothing more than to add a little whimsy into your ordinary world.


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