Get Clean and Be Green in 2012!


We're currently on a major cleaning spree and getting rid of old files and other items we just don't use anymore. When cleaning, it's easy to forget our environment. Yes, it may take more time to sort paper goods, plastics, and other recyclable materials, but knowing we're helping in some small way gives us a feel good at the end of the day. We found a handful of suggestions for green organizing and cleaning tips online that we're going to implement in our organization process.

  • Recycle all paper products
  • Donate clothes to Goodwill
  • Purchase recycled garbage bags
  • Recycle electronic products
  • Pick up used boxes from retail stores
  • Use eco-friendly cleaning supplies
  • Utilize plastic grocery bags in place of garbage bags whenever possible
  • Donate smaller household items to a local shelter

For more green organization tips or for professional help, we found Operation Organization to be very helpful. Happy Cleaning!

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