Formaldehyde Isn't Just Used In High School Anatomy (HINT: it's in your mattress)

First of all let's talk about what Formaldehyde is. It is a gas used to preserve and has a distinct, harsh smell. You probably remember it from you high school science lab. The same thing that encased Miss Piggy in anatomy is in your mattress.

The government allows a certain amount of formaldehyde in furniture according to an article in Furniture Today by Thomas Russel. In a test of five furniture items from Wayfair, two were found to have more formaldehyde than allotted. However, that isn't the point. The point is, why is it allowed at all. The other three pieces also contained the substance.

Russel outlined the effects of what "off-gas" (the fumes that are produced by formaldehyde laced furniture) which included wheezing, chest pains, bronchitis, and in long-term exposure-cancer.

If you are following along you probably have the same question I do...why even use formaldehyde? Russel admits it is to keep cost down, "because the furniture industry is under pressure to sell at the cheapest price, it is also under pressure to get cheaper products from certain suppliers... [who] sell non-compliant products for roughly 10% less than compliant board."

In order to save 10%, companies are sacrificing the health of their customers.

So, what are the alternatives? I'm glad you asked.

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Winndom Mattress is also a company that has CHEMICAL-FREE mattresses. Check out their credentials here.

I know, I know. You're saying "that's great, but where can I get these?" Great question you can check them out on our website (Savvy Rest or Winndom) or stop by to see them in action.



 Source: Russel, Thomas."Formaldehyde Flap Raises Issue for Industry." Furniture Today. 7 December, 2015


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