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Cek Round Woven Rug

Cek Round Woven Rug

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The Cek machine made woven rug is made from 60% polypropylene / 40% polyester fiber. Connubia's fabrics comply with the strictest quality standards and are designed to not only be delightfully tactile and stain-resistant, but to also hold their color over time.

In keeping with Connubia's model for sustainably-manufactured furniture, the fabric is created from post-consumer recycled plastic, from the plastic debris floating in our seas and from the plastic bottles thrown away and destined for landfills.  

Available in shades of beige / lemon, shades of beige / thyme green, or shades of beige / saffron yellow.

Dimensions: 94.5" Diameter

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About Connubia

Connubia is a brand of Calligaris Group which works to create value with a special attention to the well-being of our planet by combining the knowledge and skills of artisans with new technologies, new materials, and innovative development techniques.

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