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Globe Reclining Armchair

Globe Reclining Armchair

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Conform's most organically inspired armchair invites you to soft and calm relaxation, but also creative thinking. Globe gives you an all-encompassing convenience, where you can easily spin a little, let your body feel at ease and find your personal sphere. This reclining armchair features Evita concrete fabric with a swivel base and footstool that continues the shape of the armchair.

The built-in Syncro support provides comfortable and ergonomically correct sitting in all positions.

Armchair Dimensions: 28.7"w - 32.7"d - 43.3"h
Footstool Dimensions: 19.3"w - 15.0"d - 15.7"h

Other options are available by special order for the Globe in a variety of fabrics and leathers. Call or visit us for more information and a price quote for the perfect materials and colors for your home. Try the Configuator Tool to see all available options.

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With a Scandinavian sense of form, unique functionality and craftsmanship made to last for decades of use, Conform creates armchairs for all those occasions when you take that well-deserved step back. Conform armchairs make it harder than ever to leave your comfort zone.

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